Tweet Twins Launch Cloud Television

Broadcasting from the cloud

Broadcasting from the cloud

 Tweet Twins launch Cloud Television for a media hungry audience. Taking advantage of latest technologies and broadcast channels allows The Tweet Twins to join a stampede of radio and TV stations going online. 

Engineering guru behind Tweet Twins Cloud Television is Kevin Andreassend whose first foray into video production was when the New Zealand Government required purchasers to apply for an import license to allow either education or businesses only, to buy video equipment…we are talking about a VCR and a camera that had to sit on your shoulder and was a two piece camera system. It was when we used Umatic Tape and required a pack horse to carry the machine (or a willing flunky). Back then Joe Public was not able to buy video gear and when they finally were able to buy a $2000 VCR, the first video library outlets had an extensive rental library of 50 casettes. Batteries never existed in a camera !!! Since then Kevin has implemented, integrated, sold and taught in many sectors of media production and active internationally assisting companies in creating state of the art interactive, communication and entertainment systems.

Cloud Television is a full circle for Kevin, who along with Tweet Twins co-partner Jenny Wilmshurst will host a variety of shows using Social Media tools on how companies can incorporate Social Media into their business strategy. We will be hosting and featuring people with vision, passion from many spheres of life. Business is actually not just about the dollar but about relationships and enjoying the passion and interests of others.

Station call sign is Cloud Triple TV and will be coming from a hemisphere near you. Stay tuned for our debut broadcast Social Media 101 where The Tweet Twins will introduce Social Media for newbies.


Broadcast Opportunities: Global call for interviewees interested in being a guest on Tweet Twins Cloud TV. This notice is an Open Invitation for Applicants who wish to appear on TweetTwins TV – by sending us an email on their unique story. Applicants should have a story, expertise, lifestyle, dream that our audience will enjoy. You could be an inventor, singer, craft expert, overcome significant challenges, have a business that is online or off, a senior executive, a train driver. You may have consulted to Fortune 500 or SME companies. If you are a stay at home Mom that has broken the bounds of suburbia and leading a fullfilling life we want to hear from you. Email a one page letter to tweettwins[at]gmail[dot]com with an explanation on why you would appeal to our audience. Subject line: Cloud Television Applicant. Look forward to hearing from.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend Tweet Twins Co-Founder


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