Noush Skaugen – Artist of the Day

Come and create history, big loud rock-n-roll history one tweet at a time

Come and create history, big loud rock-n-roll history one tweet at a time

Noush Skaugen has recently been thinking. Have you thought about the power of music and how it impacts on you. How did the first song ever come about, was it an ineberated cave man sitting watching the sun set noticing his grunts had a melodic ring to it. Can you now imagine a world without music, can you imagine the Internet without music. Can you imagine a world where emerging artists are not pursing their dreams of creating their inner music.

Today we are on the verge of new way we hear, share, access music and the roller coaster road has just began. Music sensations are now being created without stepping into a music record office. I once owned a music business way before internet, it was during the era of AT286 computers – our first shop computer! I often mused about a system where vinyl never existed and you created your own product, then the CD came along…my how things have changed!

Noush wants you to help her write her next song. She explains all on this video

Noush wants you to help her write her next song

Even YouTube created an international orchestra that auditioned each artist online via YouTube and in early 2009 they gathered together for the first time on the eve of their first public performance at the Kodak Theatre in New York. Stop and think about that … an online video company (part of a search engine company) creating and owning an international professional orchestra. Ten years ago this would have been impossible to effectively achieve…now our attitude might even be reduced to a passing … ha ha, yea thats cool, now where is my coffee.

I think those artists who have embraced the Net to launch their careers are a good example for SME, one man companies now thinking of how to achieve online success. The can do, must do attitude of many artists should be an inspiration to the local plumber, lawyer or others wanting to increase their online brand. The fate of an artist being heard outside their city was once in the controled hands of a record label exec.

Our Artist of the Day today is Noush Skaugen, a London based artist who has embraced Social Media to launch and propel her career. Noush is writing a Song of 1000 Tweets that reminds me of the song Hey Mr Postman, have you got a letter for me.. Check Noush out and send her a tweet, you might just be incorporated into a no 1 hit. Now that would be cool. Noush has a following of almost 600,000 on Twitter. @noushskaugen

August 8th, Up coming album release party intimate rock venue The Monto Water Rats in London, UK.

August 8th, Up coming album release party intimate rock venue The Monto Water Rats in London, UK.

Noush has an interesting song writing strategy that turns the tables on the traditional source of songs that exmplfies the power of Social Media. Instead of writing about her experience Noush has sent out a global call for your story, what makes you move, cry, the love of your life and will consider turning it into a song.

Bonus song link Let you Go – filmed in LA

The UK’s No.1 music mag, NME, described this female rock artist as “Angst-driven girly power balladeering”. Take smooth British nuance combined with passion reminiscent of Joan Jett, and you get the mesmerizing style and sound of Noush Skaugen. Noush is currently the #1 independent artist and #25 on the Twitter Music Chart between Lenny Kravitz and Matisyahu, according to a people powered international twitter directory. No bad for a lady still humble enough to be of the people, for the people and sings to the people.

Skaugen released her Debut LP ‘Lost and Found’ in 2008, and was awarded ‘Alternative Pop Artist of the Year’ & ‘National EP of the Year’. Available for purchase here.

Click to purchase MP3 CD Download

Click to purchase MP3 CD Download


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