Auckland Chamber of Commerce – Social Media uptake

Auckland Chamber of Commerce encourages businesses to uptake Social Media. Auckland Chamber of Commerce’s b-innovative July 2009 issue examines the issue of media diversification in the article ‘Fragmentation or Freedom’.

Nicholas O’Flaherty, Managing Director of Bullet PR, presented a set of powerful media tools businesses can utilise, all widely available on the internet. ‘Small businesses cannot compete against large corporates with vast advertising budgets in the traditional media. Due to minimal costs of new media, there is a potential for them to have an equal, if not greater, online presence.’ O’Flaherty continues by describing the opportunity for businesses to showcase their know-how and establish thought leadership in their areas of expertise.

Auckland Chamber of Commerce Social Media B innovative

Auckland Chamber of Commerce Social Media B innovative

Tweet Twins asserts this showcasing capability even more strongly – that niche business can potentially position themselves as the authority and expert within a sector community. This is not necessarily exclusively at a local level either as through Social Media, global influencing is achievable. Many of the Social Media tools allow companies to break through trust barriers. Social Media tools by nature allow use-initiated, permission based, pull strategies to be used effectively. These pave the way for developing transparent relationships with prospects and clients in a way traditional methods struggle to achieve. A technology sector business associated with Tweet Twins experienced this first hand.

Social Media Global innovation

Even the NZ Government is evaluating the use of Social Media to better connect with their clients’ unique needs using Social Media’s ability to build transparency. That truly legitemises Social Media as mainstream!

It reminds me of ijump’s quote on transparency in Social Media by Jenny Wilmshurst: ‘Transparency and authentic are vital philosophies to attract valuable customer relationships in an overbearing media rich, fragmented marketing environment and an ever increasingly impersonal world. People crave to be special, unique and heard. Honest business relationships through social media attempt to cut through that’.

Social Media is accessible to all businesses – even the smallest. In-house upfront costs to implement strategies can be virtually zero. These are words SME’s love to hear! Using Social Media is a win-win for the participating communicators, as marketers and markets: high quality information and conversation exchanges result in additional links driving traffic back to websites. Information seekers love it. Google loves it. So businesses delight in the results!

The big benefit Tweet Twins provides are the know-how to implement (set up, creating fan base, fan building strategy, producing quality video and other online media); provide productivity tools, reduction in clients’ online research time. Plus we can use outsource arrangements with local and global providers for specific needs e.g. site/blog development (for sophisticated needs), graphics, large scale link building.

As marketers, the Tweet Twins co-founders have been using Social Media tools and principles for many years. With the development of many leading edge of online and technology innovations, Tweet Twins have been at the early adoption forefront before some technologies were commercially and publicly available.

Tweet Twins make it easy for companies to learn how to implement Social Media through Social Media seminars, Social Media workshops, Social Media strategy and Social Media implementation. An example is the ‘From Hands Up to Hands on’ Hands On Social Media Bootcamp Workshop.

Posted by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins – Social Media Training & Consultants


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