CarinaK, A Twitter Rock Star :-) makes it onto the TweetTwins Playlist

Music is one of the industries that is facing massive changes both technically and how it is structured… the music industry as we once knew it is changing. Social Media technology is having a direct impact on this industry in every country. I was about to retire for the night when a couple of clicks away I discovered a sweet singer by the name of CarinaK who is chasing her dreams. CarinaK’s dreams and actions has earned her a position on the Tweet Twins Playlist

Not only is CarinaK launching her own music career as an Indie artist, but by using Web 2 technologies it is helping spread her brand around the globe. Her first dream has become a reality with the pressing of her debut CD. CarinaK has a story worth reading and we thought we could help her along the way. Prior to her CD being completed CarinaK wrote this little Twitter song that I thought fitted in well here. So CarinaK welcome to our TweetTwins playlist.

Following is the official CD video clip from CarinaK’s song. Remember to visit her web site and read her story and discover the turning point that riveted her into self realisation. Maybe it is also the same realisation you need to come to in your life.

The TweetTwins believe that Social Media technology can open doors that normally would prevent dreams coming true and CarinaK’s use and effort is a great example of how Social Media is empowering.

Hope to see you downunder in New Zealand one day CarinaK.


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