Social Media takes to the streets

Improv performances is a spontaneous mass crowd involvement that creates the usual in unexpected places.  Mass frozen crowds, or sudden crowds breaking into dance. Admittedly this is not actual software in action, however I believe this activity fits well into Social Media concepts …people creating the expression thru mass spontaneous cordinated movement or the lack of it.

So have view of the videos and a smile for the day.  Notice that some of the videos have million’s of viewers.
Now what would you do or pay to have some one view your online piece to get that kind of audience for your brand your product.

Liverpool Station

So how does one train a group to spontaneously dance the movements. Do you meet regularly for a few sessions in a church hall. Not any more, you simply place the training video online, then name your place and time.

And how do you keep everyone updated on progress and timing…well Twitter would be an ideal instant way and complete with your own Facebook Page.

And what did the public think, well check it out here.

Grand Central Station New York

Antwerpen Central Station

Sound of Music!

Freeze in Paris

Manchester Supermarket Freezes up.

Grand Centre Freezes Over

1200 New York Subbers

Suicide Jumper


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