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The Magic of One Click will give young Shenaragh Nemani, a high school student at Wangauni Girls College her voice to the world. Born with Cerebal Palsy she has seen the world evolve around her and unlike her friends she has been locked inside a prison unable to talk and communicate easily to her parents and friends. Click on any of the photos to view the Campbell Live TV 3 broadcast.

Shenaragh_04Yet Shenaragh has still developed a sense of humour that no one could laugh at, assumed an excellent intellect that nobody knew about and now is inspiring a generation of students that even when an active mind is locked inside a deformed body that the magic of her human spirit is alive.

What has been hidden away all these years, with no way for anyone to really know what was beyond her searching eyes, as she so desperately wanted to express her thoughts, emotions, opinions … aspects you and I take for granted. Now Shenaragh desperately needs your help. For a few sort weeks she has been able to communicate thanks to the science and technology courtesy of Swedish manufacturer Tobii. For one week in June, Shenaragh was linked to the world as she experienced what it was like to talk, tell jokes, express her knowledge and learn…. now this technology is needing to be returned.

Click Here_01

Now Shenaragh is having to pray, hope and wish that the New Zealand Government will keep her on a waiting list for this technology. The chances are slim that she will ever recieve this $40,000 machine, her parents do not have the means to buy it for her, but you have the power with one simple click to change a life and affect a generation.

Where ever you live in the world we are now asking you, online marketers, JV partners, web site owners and fellow Twits, that now is the time to practice the magic of just one click for Shenaragh Nemani and donate $1,$2, $10, $100 whatever level of magic you want to create. For many in the online world you know how powerful just one click is and now it is time to pay forward, RT this message, send people to this web page, spread the story of Shenaragh and help us to create a New Zealand first.

The Magic of One Click is a spontaneous TweetTwins global campaign.


Wanganui Girls Hig School has established a bank account for the purchase of the machine Shenaragh now desparately needs. The TweetTwins is asking you to donate $1, $2, $10 or more to the Wanganui Girls’ College bank account 030791 0475781 00 with the code “TweetTwins Shenaragh Fund”. We have requested that a 3rd party establish a Paypal account for the sole benefit of Shenaragh and will have the details listed here shortly.

GIVE Shenaragh her voice back and don’t lock her in a prison. She needs your help today, not tomorrow, or when you get a pay rise, or win lotto or return from your holiday, but today, like we mean now. Just a $1 is one click closer to giving Shenaragh the change to same one word …Thankyou.

This magical technology from Tobii was only on loan and has now been returned, leaving her once more a prisoner in her body. She has become an inspiration to many and now she needs the magic of Just one click from YOU.

RT this campaign around the world and raise $40,000 plus to give Shenaragh her voice to the world

RT this campaign around the world and raise $40,000 plus to give Shenaragh Nemani her voice to the world

RT@Tweetwins Shenaragh urgently needs her voice. The Magic of One Click is a global fundraiser for one student

In era of Internet Scams please verify directly with the school the accuracy of these details if you have any hesitation. TweetTwins has no affilation with the family or the school. What we do know is the power of the internet and the power it has to change lives… help us today to influence just one life and give Shenaragh her voice.

Help us create a world first right here in NZ to raise $40,000, using Twitter and other social media tools to create a wave of financial support. Join the revolution and demonstrate the power, of your power, in just one click. If you are an online marketer you will be part of a world first and have a fantastic example to show your online clients the magic of just one click in their business.

Contact Details: Vivianne Murphy, Principal, M.Ed, Higher Cert. in Educ. Management
Private Bag 3004 , Jones Street , Wanganui, New Zealand

E-mail: principal[at]wanganui-girls[dot]school[dot]nz
Telephone: +64 6 3490944 – Fax: +64 6 3490968

Shenaragh_02Shenaragh has a certain kudos around the school now, the my tobii has revealed an appealing teenager. “Now she has a voice, and now everything comes out through this computer,” says her mother Cheryl Nemani. Everything, including her intellect. In the past Shenaragh teachers have not had an accurate idea of her mental ability. For years she has sat silently in class taking everything in – maths, written language and the world around her. She also knows how to use technology to get her way. “She likes to play us against each other,” says her father Sam Nemani.

“The teachers got teary-eyed as soon as she spoke it. They all felt the same sadness as Shenaragh,” she says.

Last Friday, Shenaragh lost her onloan my tobii indefinitely, and her voice. “That’s it until we can get one funded,” says Cheryl.

As Shenaragh rolls off on her lunch break at school, you cannot help but think that the revelations of the MyTobii, have not so much transformed Shenaragh – but everyone around her.

Lets Create the Magic of One Click here and around the world for Shenaragh. We will post the amount raised here so you can see the power of your click.


Visit Wanganui Girls College where Shenaragh attends each day …

in silence and no longer able to communicate.

Today she sits in silence, frustrated unable to talk and actively be a part of the world around her. Now she can only listen and absorb the world around her as she waits for the Magic of Your Click.

Already Shenaragh has inspired a class, a school, a generation,

and now a nation. Give her a voice to inspire a world through the

Magic of One Click your click

Here is a message from Swedish manufacturer Tobii

Dear Kevin,

It’s great to read about your plans. I’m sure the family would be very happy with your initiative. Let me know if you need my help and keep me up to date with your progress.

Kind regards,
Bas Tijdhof

Bas Tijdhof
Area Manager – Pacific

52 Cumming Street
Blackwood SA 5051

Phone/fax: +61 (0) 8 8278 8671
Mobile: +61 (0)45 046 0668
E-mail:bas.tijdhof [at]
Skype id: bas.tijdhof

MyTobii Community

The TweetTwins, Magic of One Click Global Fund Raising Campaign will run indefinitely whilst Shenaragh Nemani has a need. If you are an online marketer with products and services we challenge you to set up an ongoing product site that will benefit Sherehnath. Use your list to spread The Magic of One Click fundraising campaign so that throughout her life the virtual world of online marketing will give her a voice for ever. The Internet gets alot of negative press with scams of every sort, here is your and our opportunity to show to the world that there is honesty and goodwill in the Magic of One Click …. your click.

Media and Fund Raising Enquiries.

If you wish to contact the initiators of the Magic of One Click fund raiser please contact us here.
Kevin Andreassend, Tel 0064-9-414 2348, Mob 0064-27647 2267, Auckland, NZ
Jenny Wilmhurst, Tel 0064-9-525 0411, Mob 0064 21 146 722, Auckland, New Zealand

Copyright: Graphics TV3 television broadcast. Adapted and used for illustrative purposes only.

As of 1st June 2009 The Magic of One Click phrase is being used to raise funds exclusively for Shenaragh Nemani. We will advise on this web site when this phrase is no longer associated with this fund raising campaign. The url http://tweettwins.wordpress and any sub links are the only web pages authorised to use the phrase The Magic of One Click.
Expiry Date – not published and currently indefinite and ongoing.

The Magic of One Click phrase is currently being used to raise funds for Shenaragh Nemani a cerebal palsy sufferer. These funds are are received directly by Shenaragh’s school Wanganui Girls College and independently audited by her school. This fund raising campaign is completely independent of any other fund raising campaigns, individuals, webs sites or persons unknown, claiming to raise funds for Shenaragh. We can not and do not endorse any other campaigns. We do congratulate others meaning well to assist Shenaragh at this time though we have no association with them.


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