Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 what is the difference?

Has all this talk of Web 2.0 got you wondering… what on earth are the geeks talking about. Well if you are like Tweet Twin Kevin who likes to see things visually then this should help.

What was Web 1.0 What did it sound like?
If it could be translated into a musical machine and composition, this is what I think it would look and sound like. This is what you need to be able to co-ordinate to be successful in Web 1.0. So click on this link and download the file and go Open.

What about Web 2.0. you might well ask. 20 guys on the stage bouncing balls on a keyboard maybe?
Not quite. To find out view this video but first make sure you do the download above first before playing the video clip below. No cheating because I am watching.

Now once you have done the above please log onto this page if you have gone away from this page and in a couple of sentences write your thoughts about the above in the Comments area about Web 2.0 List your own web site, name, etc.

Congratulations …. In going thru this process you have just experienced some features of online Web 2.0 engineering.

Posted by TweetTwin Co-Partner Kevin Andreassend

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