Role of Social Media in Business

social468bThis subject is going to become a feature of the media, IT industry and biz conversations in the times ahead as Social Media apps like Twitter etc become more prolific. Here are a few thoughts to consider as you contemplate your online business strategy in the sphere of Social Media.

Facebook Etiquette: Five Dos and Don’ts

Social networking sites such as Facebook or YouTube can create an uncomfortable overlap between your personal and professional life. We show how to manage your Facebook profile so it can work for both business and pleasure. The obvious still needs to be stated such as – don’t post profile pictures that are “too sexy, cartoonish or that might alienate your audience.”

Kirsten Dixson, a reputation management and online identity expert, has some tips to keep you on the appropriate social networking etiquette path. Because Facebook mixes your personal and professional life, she says it requires more careful attention than LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, which keeps a strictly all-business look and feel due to its design. … here to read Kirsten’s four page article.

How and Why to Launch a Business Presence on Twitter

From an upstart airline to the cable company some people love to hate, organizations big and small have reaped success in improving customer service, receiving R&D tips, and marketing their products on Twitter.

Here’s expert advice on how and why your business should tap into Twitter.  But while Twitter’s user base might seem small, the return on engagement from Twitter fans is substantial, says Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang), a senior Forrester analyst who researches social technologies and who writes a blog on Web strategy.

What do businesses do when they need more Than Facebook or LinkedIn. SelectMinds: Universities are well entrenched in alumini networks and now business is moving into this space.

One option is SelectMinds a maker of enterprise social networking software launched in 2000. It is a business application for social networking toolthat offers customization, control and security for companies that want to connect alumni networks or internal groups. Why invest in such tech at recession time? One benefit: These networks may help you rehire former employees, which costs less than recruiting from scratch.  SelectMinds, a maker of enterprise social networking software launched in 2000 to meet the growing need by companies…. read the full article here.

Social Networking Etiquette: How to Introduce Yourself and Others Politely.

Improve your social networking etiquette IQ with our expert advice on some sticky situations. How can you politely decline friend requests? Effectively introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know you well? Thoughtfully connect to contacts? 

This article highlights some aspects to keep in mind to maintain your professional reputation when you connect to others.


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