Seesmic Desktop 2.1 Air Features and Benefits

Seesmic Desktop is a Twitter and Facebook management client tool. The more active a Social Media marketer or personal user you become, the higher your need for applications to assist productivity and make Social Media life simpler.

Loic Le Meur’s Seesmic Desktop 2.1 Air is Seesmic’s next generation of Twitter management software after Twirl. The latest version is Seesmic Desktop-0.2.1.air, launched 22 May 09. Amid the reviews by those with the highest Twitter follower levels, Seesmic Desktop came out tops when compared to other Twitter management clients.


One of the May 09 Seesmic developments is as it has a combined feed of Facebook and Twitter plus a bundle of flexible features. This Seesmic promo video shows how Seesmic Desktop works:

Seesmic Desktop features and benefits

* Multiple account management
* Display your full Facebook stream and Twitter stream side by side
* Ability to view and enter comments into Facebook
* Spell check feature with the ability to enable and disable
* Supports pikchur and yfrog to share images on Twitter
* Spam reporting feature to help send spam warnings to Twitter’s @spam account
* Ability to block users who are following you on Twitter
* Ability to use Tweetshrink before sending messages
* Access to view favourites within your Twitter account timeline
* Ability to use “Favorite” tweets and “Like” Facebook posts
* Ability to follow/unfollow within a profile along with the ability to reply and direct message
* Option to start Seesmic Desktop at login
* Ensuring userlists and searches are saved
* Clearing the timeline from a “USERLIST” with the “CLEAR” button
* Webcam snapshot tool when opening

You can download Seesmic Desktop 2.1 Air here
Conversation about Seesmic Desktop

Loic is certainly a Social Media influencer to watch. He lives the Social Media message and develops leading edge Social Media tools. Try it now – Seesmic Desktop.


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