The Internet has changed the way we connect

The way we connect with other people has forever changed and will continue to change. Do you remember when you first used email? What was the first web site you visited. Remember the time when you were asked If you had an email address, what was your response …. email whats that! Amazing as that might seem for many, it is still a unknown experience for millions world wide. At present there are about 1.8 million online or connected into cyberspace. For most in the western world, web, internet, voip, email are standard communication tools and this is now influencing Governments, economies, creating multi-millionaires and a whole new way of doing business. New laws have been created and new ways of engaging with customers and the way we connect to them.

That is where the Tweet Twins can help you. We breath and live Social Media in our lives and various business activities and can walk with you in the world of Web 2.0


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